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Having spent over 30 years learning and training to be as best I can be for my clients I have been lucky enough to be recognised as one of the World’s top 40 Coaches by Charles Poliquin. I have a strong attention to detail both with the coaches and clients I have trained which has seen me get results second to none.

I specialise in help people move and feel as good as the look over the age of 35 and have been trusted by 1000’s of clients in person at the gym I owned to get in the best shape of their lives both physically and mentally.

Now it’s your turn as I take the online training experience to a whole new level of both service, programming and results.


With years of experience under my belt as a 1:1 personal trainer, group fitness instructor, manager, boutique and large gym owner as well as mentor to dozens of coaches  I have now made the move back to what I love the most – helping clients personally, via online coaching.

The exciting space that is online coaching is allowing me to help more people than ever and I’m loving it. With technology such as video calls and training apps etc I honestly believe online is not only as good but better than an in person coach as you will get a lot more value online. I am able to help more people and deliver an exceptional standard of coaching that both my clients and I are loving. It’s something I am extremely proud of.


I started training weights at 10 to combat being the smallest in school and then began studying nutrition and functional medicine from 17 to find out how I could get off all the medication I was having to take for my AutoImmune Disorder – Ulcerative Colitis. A change of diet and lifestyle put it in remission and I realised just how much of a gift our health is.

I went on to study Exercise Science in New Zealand where I am originally from. While working at one of the top gyms in Wellington along side professional sporting teams such as the Hurricanes and with some of New Zealand’s top athletes I got asked to come to Perth and play rugby. 

After rugby I was able to  focus on the Personal Training and in 2010 opened  Shredded Health & Performance with a business partner which was soon recognised as one of the seven best independent gyms in the world. 

I owned the gym for 12 years and along the way achieved some great things including being noted as one of the top 30 coaches in the world but eventually the stress of it all saw me get really sick again. I realised owning a massive gym was not for me and what I really loved to do was helping people. With the developments in online coaching I am now able to do that without the stress. 

With the help of Bronson and Dakota who are always by my side we are now here to help you the way I have been able to help so many others in the past.


If there is one thing that experience has taught me over the years it is that without a good solid base to work from it will be very hard to get results and any results you do get probably won’t last. 

When it comes to getting results, the base we need to work from is that of health and structural balance. 

This means making sure we start with the right caloric intake that is also highly nutritious and will ensure you feel amazing. Likewise, your body needs to be in proper alignment in order for it to be comfortable increasing both lean mass and strength. 

Getting both your health and your structural balance right will allow you to build on the four pillars to get continued and sustainable results. 


In order to get the best results we need to ensure we work from a solid foundation. 

This foundation comprises of Optimising your Health and ensuring Structural Balance. 


Health is one half of the foundation for which you want to build your success upon. Without health, not only will you not get the results you are after but you will more than likely get run down and sick


The second key component of a successful foundation ensuring your body is in correct structural balance, free from muscle imbalances and weakness that will hold you back or worse cause injury. 


Once you have your foundation in place you can then build on the Four Pillars that are the Key to your Success. 


  • Using the fully personalised training app will feel like having a coach in your pocket.
  • Over 1000 exercises with videos
  • Regular training tips
  • Ability to review your technique
  • Programs automatically uploaded when required


  • Sound nutritional advice backed by science
  • Specific nutritional plans that suits both your lifestyle and the results you are after
  • Regular nutritional tips
  • Macros and calories included to ensure you are on track and know what adjustments if any are needed


  • Training programs and nutritional plans are designed to not just fit into but compliment your lifestyle and vice versa.
  • From mobility, stress management, sleep and recovery  I will help you create the life you have always wanted.


  • Your mindset is everything. 
  • It is your thoughts that determine your actions and it is your actions that determine your results. 
  • We are here to help you develop a  positivity that not only results in you eating and training well but flows over into all aspects of you life.


Compare the different packages I have to offer and let’s get started on looking and feeling your best.


I have been training with Marty Williams for over 15yrs. He has exceptional coaching skills and encourages you to push through your mental barriers which enables you to achieve the goals you have set.

A highly motivational coach; clients including myself always leave training sessions feeling empowered! In the years I have been training with Marty I have achieved goals I would never have thought possible.

Maureen Wilyman
I had trained with many personal trainers prior to meeting Marty. Most were ok but it wasn’t until i trained with Marty that i realised the difference.
Marty trains you the same way he trains himself. He dedicates the same professionalism to you, he educates you with the same knowledge empowering you to achieve your goals. I thoroughly enjoyed the best years of my training with Marty and highly recommend Marty for you to achieve the best results from his extensive training knowledge and expertise.
Ray Mathers


You can either pick a Proven Program and get started straight, purchase a Personalised Program and I will contact you within 24 hours to book a consult or enquire about Personal Coaching and I will contact you within 24 hours to see if we are a good fit. 

This will depend on your goals and the degree of personalisation and support you are after.  If unsure send me a message in the contact page and I will help you out.

No. The great thing is that every program and level of online training gives you detailed videos of each exercise and explains exactly how to do the program. 

All programs have been personally written by myself. They are all science and evidence based. Having trained for 40 years I have the unique ability to say he has done every program I have written and prescribed and yes, they work. 

One of the reasons I left my gym was having to have staff look after clients when I got too busy. When the senior coach told me “it’s just a job” I knew I had made the right decision. Now I get to take care of everyone. 

No. While the videos are all on the app you can print the programs and simply work from them if you prefer. 

The Online Coaching and Personalised Plans are very much tailored to suit you perfectly while the Proven Programs are tailored to specific goals. 

I have included cardio sessions in your app. I do recommend doing two cardio sessions a week no matter what your goal. 

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