Move Well Play Well


Look Good Play Good


Get Strong Hit Long


Power Play


Train in the gym or at home with the use of the CMW Complete Band System. 

Each program comes with training program for both the use of weights or the use of bodyweight and bands. 

Train in the comfort of your own home or alternate between programs to suit so no excuses. 

The bands also allow for warm ups before your golf be it at home or on course.  



As world number one Scottie Scheffler has stated, most amateur golfers can not reach their full potential simply because they are unable to get into the correct positions needed to hit their shots. Mobility training is key. You need to move well to play well. 


“You can not shoot a canon from a canoe.” Charles Poliquin

You need the stability to put the power through your body, the ground and into the club and ball. 


Strength training is fundamental for all sports and golf is no different. The stronger you are, the more control you have and the further you will hit it. 


The education you will receive will cut through all the BS out there and give you the truth behind what works and why. I will cover training, nutrition, lifestyle and mindset so you are able to train, eat and live in a manner that will ensure success. 


As a TPI Certified Golf Fitness Coach I understand what it take to be a good golfer and the limitations that a lot of golfers have that are holding them back from reaching their true potential. Each program has been designed to take your golf game into consideration. 

You need to train differently than most people in the gym who are there to simply build muscles and look good. We need to ensure everything you do is functional and while it will still help you build muscle and look good it needs to overall compliment your game if we are to get your handicap down. 



12 weeks of programming with a strong emphasis on mobility exercises and training through full range of motion.

These programs will have you swinging more freely and allow you to get into the positions you need to be to improve and even perfect your swing. 

12 Week Program $197


12 weeks of programming for those who want look good both on and off the course. Programs are developed to build muscle and performance with what is called functional hypertrophy based programming. 

12 Week Program $197

12 Week Program $197


With a strong emphasis on mobility exercises and training through full range of motion these programs will have you swinging more feeling which in turn will enable you to put more power into every shot.


If you are in Perth I have limited spots available for in person coaching.

Training from my PT studio allows me to give you the undivided attention to ensure you get a training experience like no other. It is just you me and my two dogs, Bronson and Dakota. 

The detail we will going into as far as technique and the explanation of what you need to do and why is unparalleled. 

12 Week Program $197


Adam Wallace

I thoroughly enjoyed the best years of my training with Marty and highly recommend Marty for you to achieve the best results from his extensive training knowledge and expertise.

John Graham

I have trained with Marty for over 20 years. His knowledge is only surpassed by his passion for ensuring his clients get the best results possible.

Robert Ellis

What Marty did for me was life changing and I will always be extremely grateful. He went over and above to help me achieve my goals.

Nicholas Kyriacou

I worked with Marty to help me get in shape for a swimsuit modelling competition which I was fortunate enough to win. Marty had me looking and feeling my best. He was amazing to work with, being both very knowledgable and supportive.

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