FM 2.0 – Twelve Months ($37 pm)


1 to 2 years lifting experience.

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The Functional Muscle Difference

Functional Muscle 2.0 understands you have been training for a while. It takes into consideration your experience level and has adapted the programs accordingly. The programs do progress and after 6 programs you will automatically progress to FM 3.0.

The programs within this membership have been tried and tested both by myself and my clients and refined to a point where I can guarantee you, they get results.

They are designed to getting you to move as good as you look. They all have right balance of corrective exercises, stretching and progressions in conjunction with the big bang for your buck movements you need to be doing to look and feel your best. The programs will also increase strength levels and performance to such a degree that it crosses over to your everyday life as well as any sporting endeavours you wish to take on. From Golf to Rugby, increasing your lean mass and power input will improve your game. 

As we get older, we need to preserve our muscle and studies have shown an increase in lean mass actually correlates with an increase in life expectancy.

So, if you want to look and perform you best; be it at the gym, the beach, boardroom, or the bedroom then it’s time you sign up to Functional Muscle today.


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FM 2.0 – Twelve Months ($37 pm)