As most of my clientele are busy professionals and entrepreneurs for them to stick to an eating plan it is important, that I simplify things as much as possible.

Here is my simple solution for busy people who want to eat well but eat simply.


This can be done either via body weight or lean mass but as we are keeping it simple let’s go with body weight.

Take your weight in kg and multiply it by 2.2 and then multiply that number by the number that correlates with your goal.

12 = weight loss, 14 = maintenance, 16 = weight gain


Aim for 40% Protein 30% Carbs 30 Fats

This is often the issue of big debates, but this is what I find works well and is easy for clients to adhere to. If you want to change it up that is fine, as long as you keep your calories in check.


Meal One

Protein and Fats

(Aim for fattier protein sources here that are higher in tyrosine and choline such as red meats and eggs for example)

Meal Two


150g veg, 100g fruit, 30 to 40g of vegan protein powder.

If you put this in a thermos you can pretend you are drinking a coffee and you won’t have to deal with those people who tend to look at you funny when you try and eat healthy (yes, they are out there. If you are doing well, in comparison they are not and they don’t like that)

Meal Three and Four (the same)

Protein Veggies/salad and carbs

(Aim for leaner white protein sources here that when combined with carbs will release more serotonin and help destress and calm the body)

Daily Drink

Bland the following into 2 litres of water

100g Cabbage, 100g celery, 50g lemon

This helps encourage hydration while getting in extra nutrients as it is much more satisfying than drinking plain water while doesn’t contain any excess sugar you don’t need or artificial flavourings you get in normal flavoured drinks / soft drinks.

Other tips that can make things easy include:
  • Pre-prep your carbs – either rice or potato and be prepared to eat them cold. They are actually higher in resistance starches when cold so this is a good thing.
  • Eat two days in a row exactly the same. Cook one for today and one ready for tomorrow. It also makes choosing protein portion sizes easier.
  • Pre-make salads so they are ready to simply pick from. Add veggies into the salads to help boost nutrient density.
  • Invest in time saving appliances like a rice cooker and contact grill to make prep easy. 

There is obviously more detail we could discuss but the goal is to show you just how simple nutrition can be.

A good simple plan followed extremely well will always outperform an overly elaborate albeit masterful plan that is only complied with 50% of the time due to its complexity.

If you are looking for quick, easy and healthy meal ideas check out my recipe books here.

Cheers Marty

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