This was originally introduced to me by Charles Poliquin where he described it as the practice of implementing small and continuous improvements. He explained how you can apply this principle to your training, nutrition or healthy habits, understanding that these small continuous habits over time add up was the key.

You can also apply this to everything from your personal life, home life, social life, to your work life. In fact the Kaizen Principle has been adopted by individuals and business alike that would like to see a positive change.

In Japanese Kaizen can be translated to “improvement” or “change for the better”. Kai meaning change and Zen meaning good, so Good Change.

While there are up to 10 different principles that can be applied within the Kaizen Philosophy if we go back to what I first learnt we can see how important this principle can be to helping us get where we want to go with our health and performance.

A great addition to your home gym or gym bag even would be micro plates or magnetic plates. These allow for those small improvements that will allow over time build up.

Changes in programming are often best when subtle to ensure you maintain momentum and don’t have to relearn a completely new set of exercises or way of training.


Similarly small changes made to your nutrition and daily habits as opposed to doing a full 180 are more sustainable and often more rewarding. You are able to continue to make consistent improvements if the changes / challenges are not overwhelming this way.

It has been calculated that if you improve by just 1% every day that will compound to an overall improvement of 37% in one year. That is a massive improvement and that is the power of consistency. Remember, it doesn’t matter where you start, only that you do and it is where you end up that really counts.

Remember, consistency is key and those small changes, and improvements when consistent will soon add up.

Good luck, you’ve got this!!


I hope this has given you some new ideas that will allow you to continue to get the results you are after, look good, feel great and enjoy your training.

Cheers Marty

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