Shoulders are an interesting muscle group that comprise of 3 sections (anterior, posterior and medial) and 7 heads which means you need to be hitting them at a variety of different angles to ensure you train the entire deltoid as well as maintain the structural integrity, mobility and stability by including your scapular retractors and external rotators.

Here are five great exercises that aren’t that common that you may wish to include in your next shoulder routine.

1. One Arm Inverted KB Shoulder Press

A lot more challenging holding a KB inverted as you really need to stabilise the shoulder to ensure the balance of the KB. You can do it standing but I prefer kneeling and tend to drop my hip somewhat which allows for a good hip flexor stretch at the bottom.

2. Six Way Shoulder Raise

An all over deltoid raise, this is surprisingly challenging. Especially at the top range if your mobility is not that great like mine. All the more reason to do it though.   

3. Cuban Rotational Press

An adaptation of the Cuban press which require more control. It works ROM of the external rotators while maintaining stability and control of the scapular. Again, very humbling but great exercise for overall shoulder health.

4. Matrix Shoulder Roll

I learnt the Matrix System of training 30 years ago and this is one of the best overall exercises I took from it. Again, a complete shoulder exercises that is great for building size and shoulder integrity (yes, you should be able to put a bar behind you head).

5. Cable Lat Raise – Low Incline Bench

A great version of the Lateral Raise that makes it a lot harder to cheat with than DB’s and you feel the movement through a much greater Range of Motion due to the use of the cables. 

I hope this has given you some new ideas that will allow you to continue to get the results you are after, look good, feel great and enjoy your training.

Cheers Marty

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