With the Festive Season now upon us, it can be rather challenging to stay onto of your healthy lifestyle and continue working towards your gains so you look and feel your best this summer.

Parties, drinks, social activities and good times are definitely what the festive season is all about, so how do you manage to enjoy yourself and still look and feel the way you ultimately want?

Well here are a number of tips for you to be able to still enjoy yourself without destroying everything you have worked hard for.

1. Plan

Set out your calendar and decide which are the parties you really want to attend and which are the ones you will say no to. We often get in the habit of just saying yes but we need to prioritise ourselves and our well-being first. One good night out a week is fine but unless you are in your twenties consecutive parties will soon catch up on you.

2. Set your Non-Negotiables

For me, it is my training (4 times a week weights minimum), my breakfast (quality proteins and fats) and my daily drink (100g cabbage, 100 celery, 50g lemon blended in 2 litres of water). No matter what these must get done.

I can miss one day of training that I have planned but I MUST make it up before the week is out. No matter how I feel I MUST eat a good quality breakfast (this will set me up for the day) and stay hydrated.

3. Drink Responsibly

This covers a few things. Obviously and most importantly, never drink and drive, but secondly is it really worth overdrinking? No amount of alcohol is good for us but drinking is great for being sociable and enjoying good times with good friends. Know your limits and mix in plenty of water to ensure you don’t get too dehydrated and feel much better the next day.

4. Organise the Next Day

One night out is not going to be that bad but when you wake up feeling average and decide to order Maccas, lie around all day feeling sorry for yourself and just continue to eat your emotions that is when the real problems kick in. Instead, drag your sorry arse out of bed, go get a takeaway coffee and trow your butt in the ocean. That will soon sort you out. Then take a walk and go treat yourself to a nice healthy breakfast. You will soon feel great and won’t have ruined the day or your gains.

5. Nap

Regularly staying up late during the holiday season and indulging in excess drinking and eating can significantly disrupt our sleep routines. It’s advisable to prioritize getting some high-quality sleep, even if it means just a few hours. Consider incorporating a reputable magnesium supplement into your routine as it can promote relaxation and contribute to a more restful sleep. To enhance your sleep habits, try to maintain a consistent wake-up time each morning. If you find yourself needing more rest, consider compensating with a nap during the day.

6. Eat Before Heading Out

Even if you are heading out for a meal it is good to eat before you leave. This time of year is very busy so you will inevitably end up waiting longer than you think for your meal. If it is too long since you last ate you will no doubt eat all the bread on the table and demand desert as well because you will be starving.

7. Calculate your Calories

This is where the concept of If It Fits Your Macros comes into play. While it may be impossible to accurately track your calories try and keep an eye on what you are eating both day and weekly. As long as you are not blowing out you can work in some really nice meals and nights out. It is around this time I recommend 5 days lower calories to allow for 2 days higher calories. Work out your weekly average and ensure you are on target.

8. Don’t stress

There is a saying, “It is not what you do between Christmas and New Year’s that counts but rather what you do between New Year’s and Christmas.”

Enjoy yourself and don’t stress because the main point of this time of year is to really enjoy yourself. You can still eat really well and enjoy some amazing food so make fun a priority.

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